What are the benefits of the EB-5 Visa program


If you are a person who wants to get an American Green card, a sure shot and easy method of doing so is to go in for the EB-5 Visa Program.

This EB-5 visa program has the same green card as other processes do and it allows investors as well as the immediate family to work, live, study as well as retire anywhere in the United States. This allows foreigners to get the American life and at the same time stimulate the US economy.

There are many foreign investors who have invested in High Yield Real Estate Investments, they thus through these High Yield Texas Real Estate Investmentsand other such means have procured the necessary capital and so they are able to get a permanent resident status. The EB-5 visa program does not need  a U.S. Employer to sponsor and it does not need skills, knowledge or experience. It also is not limited to people of only certain countries as well.

High Yield Private equity fund

When the person invests in High Yield Private equity fund and by other means is able to accumulate enough capital through  High Returns for Accredited investors, they can make a qualifying investment and receive approval from the USCIS. This allows them, their spouse and unmarried children below 21 conditional permanent residence. After 2 years, if their investments have met the requirements of the program, the investor as well as the family can have the conditions removed from their residency status and after 5 years of their receiving their permanent resident status, they become naturalized citizens.


Thus the EB-5 VISA Programis very beneficial for foreign investors as the children can have access to school, lower cost for in-state tuition at the universities and public colleges, there are no requirements for sponsors for the visa etc.