Now you can say goodbye to storage water heaters forever

Storage water heaters have served us well for many decades. However, it may be time to say a final goodbye to these old heaters that took up half the space of your shower area and ran out of hot water during every shower you took. Storage heaters did the job fairly well and were quite cheap when you bought them. However, with the advent of the new tankless water heaters, the storage type water heaters have more or less been rendered pointless by industry experts.

Choose the best for your requirements

Although the best tankless water heaters are the ones which can work at any flow rates and water levels, it is advisable to buy wisely when you are thinking of investing in a tankless heater. There are some important factors which you need to keep in your check-list when you are out buying tankless water heaters for your home. These are:



  • The water temperature in your locality: The capacity of a tankless water heater may vary from country to country and you may have to buy a higher powered one if you live in an extremely cold country. Make a note of the average temperature of the normal water that flows in through your pipes.
  • The average rate of flow of water: This is also another very important thing to note when deciding the capacity of your tankless heater. Higher powered models require a higher rate of flow of water.
  • The type of application of your heater: Not all heaters are made to heat water for your bathroom. There are smaller and more compact models for kitchen faucets etc.

Tanks are a thing of the past

Water heaters with tanks are definitely a thing of the past. So, make sure you go for only the Best tankless hot water heaters when you are buying water heaters for your new home or when replacing the old ones.