High ranking cards in domino 99


Straight flush

Texas hold’em is the most popular version of the domino 99. Before you start playing poker and hit the tables, it is important that you get familiar with the basic hands and its rankings so that it becomes easy for you to play the game. You should understand the ranking s and also the rules that you can play better. Royal flush is the most popular and famous hand and it is the hand which cannot be beaten with any other type of hand. It can be the hand which has the combination of 5 cards form ace to ten of single suit. It is very rarely possible that two player have royal flush so that there is no chances of any kind of tie.

domino 99

Straight flush is also the hand type of domino qq. It is the hand in which there are 5crads and they are in sequence of the same suit. In this case if there is any tie then the cards with highest rank at top of sequence wins the bet and the pot. Next comes the four of a kind and it is the hand which had 4 cards of same rank and the one card as the kicker. If in this case there is tie then the player with the highest kicker card wins the game. Full house is the type of hand in which the three card of same rank and the two cards are of different but matching ranks. If there is tie in this case then the highest 3 matching cards wins the bet.


Flush is the types of hand in adu q which the 5 cards are of same suit but they are not in sequence. If in such case there is tie then the player having the highest ranked card wins the bet and the hand.