Have tooth jewels to make your teeth sparkling

Do you want to make your teeth elegant and stylish? Now you can get tooth jewelry for your teeth. It is very simple to have tooth jewelry which you can buy from any jewelry store. There are various different types of tooth jewelry come in the market which you can use to adore your looks.

General questions of tooth jewelry

If we talk about tooth jewelry which is fixed by Doral dental have various confusions in mind. You can check out few of its questions that are quite important to know about tooth jewelry. Have a look below on listed questions and answers:

How tooth jewelry sparkle?

It has been analyzed that tooth jewelry is made in Germany which has a special coating at its back that create a sparkling shine like a diamond.

Is there any harm to our teeth by tooth jewelry?

No, absolutely not. There is no harm to the teeth with these tooth jewels as it is fixed to the enamel like a bracket or bond. There will be no drilling is done. The procedure of fixing tooth jewel is painless and removed without pain. If any bonding material is left after removing the jewel then teeth will be polished by the dentist.

How long tooth jewelry will last?

It is your choice that when you want to remove it. You can make it stay on your teeth as much longer as you want. There is no limited time frame of tooth jewels. You can take it from 6 months till up to years.

These are few of the questions arises in your mind when it comes to use tooth jewelry. So there is no harm of these jewelries. So consult with your Doral Dental advisor now!