Best Hair Straightening Technology

The overall health condition of our body is generally indicated by hair and skin. The physical appearance and attractiveness of your body is also indicated by the crown frame of hair. Nothing you do can change the way you look as much as changing the way you wear your hair.

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Straightening and curling tames frizzy hair as discussed in the blogs at This process of transformation is interesting, but what makes these techniques so effective? What is the best technology hidden behind this?

Technologies of hair straightening

  1. Ceramic Technology:

Ceramics are the best hair straightening material. Along with infrared heat and negative ion technology this becomes a healthier version of hair straightening. It is applicable to any type of hair. The metal plates are considered to be harmful in case of a prolonged used. If ceramic plates are coated with keratin smooth the effect of the straightening and makes your hair healthy.

  1. Tourmaline Technology:

Tourmaline is a mineral with crystal boron silicate that helps to smoothing hair action. Tourmaline emits negative ions that neutralize the helpful ions existing in dry or damaged hair. The moisture-locking ions are 20 times more than any other type of hair straightening plate material. The infrared heating removes static and leaves behind silky, shiny hair. We can find a technology called tourmaline added to combs, brushes, curling irons and more.

  1. Titanium Technology:

The light weight of this material makes it extremely flexible and easy to use. Higher negative ions give your hair more hydration, removes frizz, and makes it shiny.

  1. Ionic Technology:

Frizzy hair has ions that carry positive or negative electric charge. Hair straighteners with ionic technology throw negative ions which neutralize the hairs and keep it healthy.

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